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Siddhi Vinayak College of Science & Higher Education (Deptt. of Pharmacy), NOC issued by Directorate of Health Education, Govt. of Rajasthan, Approved by Pharmacy Council of India and Affiliation with Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Govt. of Rajasthan.

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For D.Pharmacy Course.

D. Pharmacy (Duration : 2 Years)

D.Pharmacy Course is a career-oriented program in the medical field of Pharmacy, designed to familiarize candidates with the basic concepts of pharmaceutical science.

The purpose of the program is to prepare students with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for entry-level positions in retail pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical companies. The course essentially provides an overview of the theory, and various principles and practices involved in the science of pharmacy. Components of study within D. Pharmacy Syllabus include pharmacy software practice, accurate and safe processing of prescriptions, compounding techniques, third party billing, inventory control, adherence to relevant legislation, accurate and confidential record-keeping, and effectively verbal and written communication. Such candidates are prepared to work as members of an interdependent health-care team. They are taught industry ethics including those involving patientprovider relationships, clinical research, and end-of-life care.

This course examines other ethical topics such as distribution of scarce resources, use of stem cells, the role of genetic testing, and issues of human cloning. Students are taught to reviews drug approval processes, drug discovery, pharmaceutical applications. They learn about the vast regulatory requirements involved in testing, screening, preclinical, and clinical trials of drugs.

D.Pharmacy course aims to prepare eligible candidates to:

• Fill orders under a pharmacist's supervision, enter client information.
• Identify prescriptions, and process paperwork for orders.
• Understand and apply drug and medical terminology, as well as basic pharmacology.
• Understand drug dosage calculations, commonly used pharmacy computer systems, compounding, and pharmacy practices and procedures.
• Apply the ethics, legislations, and workplace safety regulations applicable to pharmacies.

The program aims to build elementary basic concepts of pharmaceutical science involving Pharmaceutics, Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology, Pharmacognosy, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Health Education, Community Pharmacy, etc. in students.


Admission in the colleges will be made 85% seats (of the intake sanctioned by AICTE) in D.Pharm courses in private self-financed pharmacy colleges shall be filled through RCA Pharmacy / Direct. Remaining 15% seats (of the intake sanctioned by AICTE) in D.Pharm courses in each private self-financed college shall be filled under management quota by respective private self-financed college.


All residents of India fulfilling the eligibility criteria mentioned below can apply for admission to D.Pharm course in a colleges affiliated to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur, on the basis of instructions given in this information booklet, the relevant rules of RUHS, Jaipur and directions of State Govt. / Supreme Court issued in case of P.A. Inamdar v/s State of Maharashtra (2005) 6 SCC 537

Admission Procedure

Minimum Qualification –Any student pass in 10+2 examination or intermediate examination or the first year of the three year degree course or pre-degree examination or an equivalent examination with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with one of the subject


It is mandatory to pass in individual subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Biology / Mathematics.
As per Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) notification, candidates from open school are also eligible for admission to D.Pharm courses.

Fee Structure

As per the directions of the State Level Fee Committee, the interim fee structure for pharmacy courses for the session 2020 as under:

Private self financed colleges For current session fees, please contact at College Reception/Admission Incharge.


Siddhi Vinayak College is well equipped with the following Laboratories:-

Pharmaceutics Lab The lab is well equipped with sophisticated instruments like tablet disintegration rest apparatus IP, Tablet disintegration test apparatus IP, Tablet machine, Ampoule filling and sealing machine, Friability tester, Clarity testing apparatus. Various experiments set up of lab include different types of formulations as per IP.

Pharmacognosy Lab The lab contains instruments like Microscopes, Soxhlet apparatuses, TLC spreader, Column Chromatography apparatus, Charts for Plants microscopy, Herbal drugs museum. Various experiments set up of the lab include experiments pertaining to study of macroscopic, microscopic and chemical analysis of herbal drugs, Extraction of active constituents using various techniques.The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Microscopes, Extraction instruments etc. Various experiments set up of the lab include Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical studies of various plant drugs.

Pharmacology Lab The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Isolated organ bath, Assemblies for Isolated tissue experiments, Analgesiomenter, Rota rod apparatus, Convulsiometer, Cook's Pole apparatus etc. Various experiments set up of the lab include isolated tissue experiments. In vivo pharmacological screening experiments for CNS, Respiratory, GIT, Renal drugs.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab The lab is well equipped with instruments like Fume cupboards, Centrifuges, microscopes, glassware and other requirements for qualitative and quantitative estimation of various biochemicals. Various experiments set up of the lab include qualitative and quantitative estimation of various biochemicals.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Analytical Balances, equipments and glassware pertaining to quantitative analysis of various drugs by I.P., B.P., U.S.P. methods. Various experiments set up of the lab include Acid base, Redox, Complexometric, Gravimetric, Non-aqueous, potentiometric, spectrophotometric titrations, Karl Fischer titrations, Fluorimetric estimations, Conductometric estimation of buffer capacity etc.

Anatomy & Physiology Lab The lab has sophisticated instruments like Haemocytometers, B.P. Measurement apparatus, ECG machine, Spirometer, Muscle Physiology experiment apparatus, Isolated heart experiments, Anatomical Models and Charts etc. Various experiments set up of the lab include Basic haematological Experiments, Respiratory and Cardiovascular physiology experiments, and experiments on human anatomy using histological slides, anatomy charts and models.

Instrumentation Lab The lab has sophisticated instruments like Colorimeters, potentiometer, Conductivity meters, Digital pH meters, Karl-Fischers apparatus, Flamephotometers, Polarimeter, Refractrometer, Spectrophotometer. Various experiments set up of the lab include Experiments based on Instrumental methods of analysis.